Friday, October 2, 2009

I am a Massy Electron.

Women are massless electrons, who revolve around the father-nucleus, then are transferred from the father's field to the husband's field (kanyadaan), to form a union (electrovalent bond) between the families (atoms), and then they revolve around the husband-nucleus. Our destinies are decided by the nuclei (males), right?


I decided to write my own destiny. I ditched quite a few guys who believed in patriarchy. I showed them I don't need to revolve around them, that I have a life of my own. I am the electron who increased her mass to equal (exceed?) that of an above-average proton. All atomic physicists would die before they deciphered my model.

Are you a man enough to read an understand my model? Then read on......


Have a careful look at the atomic model of matter, and draw the analogy with patriarchy.

1) Nucleus  =  Male. The nucleus is large, heavy, substantial and important in defining the atom (family).

2) Electron  =  Female. The electrons are extremely light, almost mass-less compared to the nucleus, and are hardly visible compared to the nucleus.

3) Atom  =  Patriarchal family. The father is the head-of-the-house. Our society is male-centered.

4) Several electrons around one nucleus  =  Polygamy.  If a guy sleeps with 5 girls, he is a 'stud'; but if a girl sleeps with 5 guys, she is a slut. A nucleus can have several electrons revolving around it, but a single electron cannot revolve around more than one proton.

5) Electrons revolve around the nucleus  =  a wife's life revolves around the husband.

6) The electron is bound to the nucleus by the latter's electric field  =  the wife is bound to her husband's home/family by matrimony, surname and the traditional society.

7) The nucleus is positively charged  =  Man is resourceful, he can support wife.

8) The electron is negatively charged  =  Women are needy, they need to be supported by males.

9) Number of protons decide the atom's name, irrespective of the number of electrons present  =  males decide the family's identity, irrespective of the number of women present.
Now let us look at an electrovalent bond (Marriage)

Left Nucleus  =  Father
Left Atom = Father's family.

Right Nucleus  =  Husband.
Right Atom = Husband's family.

"Electron is given away"  =  Daughter is given away.

 Electrovalent bond  =  Union between the two families.
The woman is the ultimate/absolute/worst loser in this model.

But the blog is not a cribbing session. It is an attempt to provide a new model, and induce my interested readers into pondering over it.

My Model

Matter and Energy are interchangeable. Instead of considering ourselves to be protons (males) and electrons (females), let us consider ourselves to be photons (capable human beings).

NO Patriarchy, NO Matriarchy :  Let's attempt 'Human'-archy.

One proton and one electron have electric charged of exactly equal magnitude (1.6 x 10e-19 Coulombs) ; which means, a man and a woman have equal abilities to carve out a wonderful life for themselves.


Anonymous said...

I support your position and opinion. You have no reason to defend it; history is full of female-oriented societies... the Hawaiian legacy society, for instance - centered on the queen. Mother nature continues to show us her notion of female-oriented social structures through bees and the survival of the hive. If you're getting flak from your social groups, you need to create new ones... (wink)

Until that time. . . Earl J.

Sphinx said...

You are the queen of analogies