Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happiness is all mine.

The 10 things that are together making me happy. My happiness really comes from within myself.

1) Wake up early. I wake at around 6:30 am. Watching the dark sky light up gradually is a blissful sight. Waking up late used to make me feel I have already missed out on the day. A good start is really half the battle. A calm, quiet and serene atmosphere brings a new hope, fresh resolve, and reinforced energy to live this day better than yesterday.

2) Yog and Praanaayaam. My day cannot start without a 15 min Praanaayaam session, and a 60 min Yog sequence. Sweating at the end of the Yogic workout, I feel alive and ready to face the day. Every muscle is rejuvenated out of passivity, and all the oxygen breathed in makes me bubbling with energy.

3) No Taamasic food. I gave up the only alcoholic drink I rarely consumed : wine. I feel better having fresh Lassi. I reduced non-veg consumption to a minimal. Also, I have turned my back to junk food/processed food long ago. I hate all fast food and soft drinks. I like Sattvic and mild Rajasic food. Animal fat is absolutely repulsive. I like plant protein and fruits.

4) Work hard for 8 hours a day. Every hour of your work gets added to the number of man-hours India works per day. The more the sum total, the more the wealth created per day, and more the GDP growth accelerated, which will finally make India a developed country.
The greatest desire in a person is to feel worthy, needed, important, capable and dependable. Hard work is the only thing that gives a person the true satisfaction of living. No amount of fast food, alcoholic drinks, sex, hanging out with friends, watching movies/cricket, net surfing will give that happiness.
I work for 9-10 hours a day, and want to increase it to 12, then 16 and finally 18 (Like APJ Abdul Kalam, Narendra Modi and Swami Ramdev). I like working so much that I wake up everyday looking forward to start the workday, after 9-10 hours, don't feel like finishing my workday.

5) Socialize less. The human mind is extremely susceptible to company and surroundings. I talk very less, and only with selected friends. Workplace is not for making friends. Let colleagues be colleagues : don't discuss your personal life with them. Communication is more important than small talk. Gossip leads to nothing : it only poisons you mentally. I have found very few people on this planet with whom I can hold a pleasant and intelligent conversation.
I find parties extremely boring (pakaau). I like one-to-one conversations, which is almost impossible in parties. I love my solitude, but feel lonely in parties. I would rather read a good book, write my blog, or watch an intelligent movie. I used to come back from them irritated, exhausted, frustrated, and not having enjoyed myself at all. Parties appeared to be time-wasters for me. I avoid them now, and go out with 1-2 friends for a nice, quiet evening.
Silence is not golden, it is platinum. Human beings are the only biological creatures that wag their tongues.

6) Be disciplined. Break bad habits and consolidate/form good ones. Guilt never leads to happiness.
I sleep early, like 10-10:30 pm. I never miss my Yog/workout sessions. I eat at fixed times, and drink 3 litres of water a day. All daily and weekly chores are done at fixed times and with efficiency. I am punctual for appointments, show up and deliver. My home and office desk is always neat and organized. Sounds boring? Well, true happiness comes with a cost.
Lazy people turn me off completely : they seem to be just existing, not living. I have absolutely no pity for them : only they are responsible for the rut they are in. They don't know why they were born, why they are living and why they will die. UGHHH!!!

7) Make your parents happy. The previous generation always wants to see that the next generation is better than them. Show them that you can and you have done more than they could do in life. Your success makes them proud, even more than their own success. Tell them regularly what you are doing with your life, what plans you have for the next 3 months to one year, how hard you work and how disciplined you are, and how responsible you are about your life. They love to see that you have grown up and have become a complete individual. I talk to my parents every 3.5 days and tell them how I am going on with my dreams, goals, plans, executions and results. Finding me (and my sister) happy keeps them in perfect health at 60+ age.

8) Think present leading to the future. I don't want to grow old (and I am not talking biology). I want to be as enthusiastic 50 years later as I am now, if not more. The future is constantly getting converted  to the present. Grab it before it becomes the past. Do not wait for future and procrastinate your plans. Life is lived now, not later. Too many people I have met just wait for a rosy-future while sitting passively on the couch. Life is for action, i.e. Karma Yog. I have been leading my life in blocks of 4 of 5 years, starting from 1993 (when I was 10-11 years old). I make definite plans to realize my goals. When the current goal is 90-95% achieved, I start the groundwork for the next. The believe my future will be nothing but a accomplished consolidation of my present.

9) Consolidate yours self-definition. You are not a person just because you were born, nor because your parents and school teachers brought you up in a certain way. You have to create yourself by yourself. The classic Greek adage "Know Thyself" seems to be forgotten. Too many people allow others to decide for them as to who they are, what they want and how they would lead their lives. Too many people copy others, try to be like others, compare themselves with others, and try to meet others' expectations.
One needs to know oneself, without anyone else's help. One will be better served having one's own opinions, own dreams, own convictions, own aspirations and own agenda of life. Personal development is everyone's birthright, and not a tedious duty!
This is my webpage, a basic definition of myself :
My blog further compiles my soul.

10) Make your own rules. Fluids have more internal energy than solids. So why solidify yourself in stereotypes and so-called norms? What do you get by obeying others without your brain permitting it? Do you need to wear a certain brand to prove your class? I cannot name my favorite hard drink since I don't drink, dude! I like Kulfi, and I think it is OK if I have not tasted Belgian ice-cream. I admire Kiran Bedi, and it is OK if I do not know who Paris Hilton is, right? From a cricket-crazy nation of India, I would rather perform Odissi. My mother and sister changed their surnames after marriage, but I had decided not to; and both of them still love me. I hate patriarchy when almost the whole of India follows it (whether consciously or mechanically is another question). Where Indian females marry at an average age of 20.6 years, I am 27, single and single-mindedly planning my future as a researcher in flexible fluid structure interaction (hydroelasticity).

All these thoughts remain at the back of my mind 24/7. My happiness is increasing day-by-day.

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