Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Traitor of India

Are you a patriot? Is patriotism associated only with the early-20th-century freedom struggle of India? Is patriotism post-1947 reserved only for the armed forces personnel? Does an average Indian consciously love India? Does patriotism mean singing Jana-Gana-Mana on August 15th (I-Day) and January 26th (R-Day)? Does it mean doing a group dance wearing your traditional (state-wise) costumes to "prove" India's 'unity in diversity'? Does it mean making emotional/fiery speeches about communal unity? Or talking about Himalaya or Ganga? Is it talking about the Golden past of Bhaarat?

Is patriotism an embarrassing word in this cool, stylish 21st century?

Who does NOT love India? Do you know the traitor of India? There are countless types, but these are the top 10 worst of the species, whose crimes are the subtlest, since no one can arrest them or punish them for that.
1) "I don't care" : Desh bhaad mein jaaye, main kya karoon? Right? (Let the country to hell, what can I do?) I will enjoy my video-game or kitty party. I have no responsibilities. I will just work enough to earn enough to buy my groceries and pay my bills. I get born, marry, produce children, and die....that's it! I wash my hands of the affairs outside my house. The nation's problems are not my problems.
Janma-Mrutyu-Vivaah ke atirikt aur koi agenda hain ya nahin? Do you just take birth, marry, reproduce, and die? (Bollywood has thankfully stopped making love-stories...ughhh!)
2) "I don't count" : "Main jo bhi karoon, Desh ka kya jaata hain?". (Whatever I do, it does not affect others). It is okay if I dirty the streets, India will remain clean. It is Okay if I am a kaamchor/nikamma (useless), India will progress anyways. It is Okay if I produce 2+ children, it hardly adds to the population of India. It is Okay if I use plastic bags : I am not polluting the environment, am I? Whether I cast my vote or not, how does it matter? It is Okay I forget to turn my computer off, how much does it add to the electricity bill of the company?  Main nahin karoon, to koi na koi to yaar kar hi dega. Why should I take the trouble? What can I alone do to change the system? (Mere akele ke awaaz uthaane se kya hoga?)

(Watch the movie "HALLA BOL" for details)

3) Education is a formality : Mug and answer the exams. Write in the exam answer script "Dowry is a social evil", submit the answer paper and pass the exam, get out of school (temple of learning), then after 15-20 years, get married with dowry (by giving or taking it) ! So the education never got internalized. (More about it in my other blog.). This is what an average Indian thinks :
"School education is tedious, boring, burdensome, a necessary evil, an unavoidable headache, a 12-year struggle, a long 5-days-per-week suffering, a compulsory trap, an optionless routine for most people. (Why?) Yaar yeh school kab khatam hoga, yaar exams kyun hote hain? (when will school be over, why do we have these exams?). I hate studies, yaar! I was never good at academics".

4) "I want foreign and imported stuff" : Desi maal bekar hain. (Indigenous stuff is worthless) Are you a foreign-return? Hey is your car Japanese or German? "I wear imported clothes only." "I will settle in a developed country, though I was born in India".
(Many might find strange that I am writing so much Hindi instead of English.....speaking in Hindi means you are not "modern", not "educated", you are "illiterate", you are "tacky", you are "rustic" is cooler/classier to be a second-class British than a first-class Hindustani!)
Yes, I also deserve to live in a developed country AND that country's name is BhaaratVarsha.....and if it is not yet developed, I will develop it, whether you help me or not.

5) "What is you caste/state?" : are you apna or paraaya? (Are you among "us" or "them"?) Can our children get married to each other? Arre no-no, our castes are not the same :(
  • I am made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. What is the caste of say, Oxygen? (It has an atomic number 8, Mass number 16, valency 2, Electronic configuration 1s2, 2s2, 2p4)
  • The constitution of India provides the right to freedom to move freely in India (Art. 19-d) and the right to freedon to settle anywhere in India (Art. 19-e). I do not belong to any state. Every square feet of India is MINE, since I am its citizen, the building block of the democracy!
    6) Procrastination ("Arre baad mein dekhte hain yaar") : the legal procedure on the 1984 riots is still going on. Jessica Lall got justice after 7 years of losing her life. The Kashmir problem is smoldering since 1947, yet unresolved. 
    •  When will you solve your problems? (The politicians will NEVER do that for you, else they will lose their prominence in the public life and the the movie "NAYAK" for details.) 
    • When will India be problem-free? (YOU have to do it for yourself, since India is not run by the government, but by its own inertia)
    • When will you see the end? Seeing light at the end of the tunnel is not have to emerge out of it. A good start is only half the still have the tougher second half to battle out.
    7) Lazy bones : drawing-room discussions remain confined to the room itself. Words do not get converted to reality. Knowledge is useless if not put into action. Simply knowing that things needs to be done, is not enough. Things need to be done, and therefore, please DO IT!
    How many of you wanted to write a book but never started it? How many excuses did you make to avoid doing something challenging, like making a speech, volunteering for a social cause, contacting the local legislative member (whom you yourself elected a few years ago!), taking a short-term course, going for a long trip, writing to the editor of the local newspaper, making your webpage, joining an NGO, training in NCC (National Cadet Corps), cleaning your house?
    When will you ever get serious about your own words? Are your words so paltry that they never get realized? Do you take your own dreams seriously?

    8) "I hate the politics of the country" : Pata nahin yaar yeh neta log kya kya karte rehte hain? Politics ne iss desh ko barbaad kar diya.....anyways, arre Navratri ke liye kaunsa saari liya? (God knows what these politicians keep doing. Politics have destroyed this the way, which outfit did you get for Navratri (9-day festival)?)
    Sounds like a familiar social conversation? How many avoid the topic since you don't have points to put your stand up before others? How many times do you divert the conversation to 'safer' topics?
    We need a technocracy-driven knowledge-society, populated by CONSCIOUS citizens. Awareness is more important that plain knowledge.

    9) Quality compromises : stupid neta-s, idiotic "celebrities", worthless demi-gods, pathetic attention-seekers, nonsensical public figures, undeserving news-makers, irresponsible money-minded media, unimportant time-wasting issues, irrelevant social debates, unnecessary delays in the bureaucratic machinery, etc., etc.....all lead to OPTIONLESS VOTERS.
    Now, don't you think, it is time to gift yourself, by yourself, OPTIONS....the option to get better in everything? Better still, why don't YOU become the Option, which the country gets?

    10)  Suffering your problems instead of solving them : What is India's answer to terrorism? India is the 4th largest in GDP in the world, so poverty is actually a social concept more than an economic term.
    Indian cities are dirty since the city-dwellers do not feel they deserve to live in a clean city. Women get a raw deal from patriarchy because they feel they deserve nothing better. India is still not developed because most Indians do not feel they deserve a developed India. We are ruled by pathetic politicians because we feel we do not deserve great leaders/statesmen who have a clear vision for a developed India. (Did I remind you about APJ Abdul Kalam who had the Vision 2020? We deserved him as the President, but don't we now deserve this engineer as the prime minister?)


    Tani said...

    A great article. Haven't you ever tried to publish your articles in newspapers? Please try, they deserve bigger audience.
    I like "politics wala point" the most. The day I understood PSU work culture, I have stopped blaming our politicians.

    Dipali said...

    hey good one Nabo...Great article....I think all individual now days share thoughts but no one dares to go against it....may b all have become very self time...its sad but true....

    suraj_shaw said...

    yeah , all i wanted to mean was that for obvious reasons the youth of india don't nurture this feeling, at least a majority of it. the reason being poverty and a childhood spent in the dreams of someday going abroad and getting rid of the life their parents had..
    also there are issues like corruption and all.. with conventional solutions like "corruption roots among ourselves, so we are the solutions" already existing , I think the youth needs an icon , a leader ,someone more capable than mr. anna hazare ..i mean he is there but we need someone who is more related to our practical world.. like someone from our own office, a batchmate of ours who would rise above all these and show us the way.