Friday, July 16, 2010

Top 10 bad habits of an average Indian.

A society gets plagued by bad habits. China got intoxicated with opium. India has got intoxicated with cricket and Bollywood. Pakistan has the bad habit of hating India, before doing any nation-building. The British have the bad habit of snobbery.  The USA has the bad habit of paranoia / condescension against anything non-American.

Let's see what are the bad habits that ails India. The habits are individual, but effect the life of not only the individual but the nation.

1. Sex.
Look at the swelling population. See this population clock. You will get terribly scared. You will get that sinking/chocking feeling. If you really love India, you will get a cold sweat. And you can't do anything to stop it.
(An Indian spends the most of his lifetime earning on his/her child's marriage, as if reproduction is the greatest achievement of a lifetime!)

Individual habit : too much sex.
National effect : overpopulation.

2. Smoking.
Smoking in India has reached catastrophic proportions. More than a million will be dying every year from now on, due to this habit.

I don't smoke. I will never marry a smoker.

Individual Habit : smoking.
National Effect : loss of human resources.

3. Drinking.
Drink and have a hangover, and then you cannot work properly the next morning. So India lost 5 man-hours of one individual. Multiply that by the at least a half-a-billion individuals. India loses 2.5 billion man-hours a day just because you drink and lose control.

I gave up wine, the only drink I sipped 5-7 times in a year, in the last 5 years. 

Individual Habit : Getting drunk.
National Effect : Loss of human resources and man-hours.

4. Wasting time.
People get bored very often. They are looking for time-pass options. Heard about mid-life crises, now even quarter-life crisis is catching up.

On the last day of every month, I type out a list of the 30-40 targets for the next month, divide then into the weeks and days; and accomplish at least 70% of them. Each weekend begins by jotting down the 2-day aims (however trivial but must-dos) in a note-card, which is always in my pocket.  

Individual Habit : Aimless living.
National Effect : Nation continues to support parasites.

5. Cricket craze.
Forget your exams and watch cricket? India loses man-hours again. Cricket has become a religion. Whether this batsman sweeps a four or that bowler bowls a googly, does that make me a more successful person?

I do not watch cricket.

Individual Habit : Cricket patronage.
National Effect : Precious man-hours lost for ever.

6. Bollywood craze.
What's the point in making 1000 movies per year, among which only 1-3 do good business? Whether Kareena signs this movie or Shah Rukh endorses that brand, does it add to my curriculum vitae? Does it change my life for the better? Does it solve my problems? Does it increase my income? Bollywood gossip has become bread-and-butter for many. It sells because there are indiscriminate buyers, who are looking for some time-pass entertainment, and topics for social discussion (what else to talk about, apna life is boring yaar!).

Bollywood is one of the hubs of black money circulation, with its connections with the underworld. Why should Aamir Khan earn more in one endorsement which you cannot earn in a whole lifetime?

I watch only 2-5, top-tier movies in a year, which are mostly National Awardees.

Individual Habit : Bollywood patronage.
National Effect :Circulation of black money, unequal distribution of national wealth, making celebrities out of undeserving people.

7. Carelessness.
Intelligence carelessness lead to the Kargil conflict (Summer 1999). Medical carelessness leads to patient deaths. Social carelessness leads to chocked drains. Security carelessness leads to bomb blasts. Electrical carelessness leads to roadside electrocutions. Driver's carelessness leads to accidents. Professional carelessness leads to impunctuality (India Stretchable Time!). Personal carelessness leads to lifestyle diseases (obesity, hypertension, diabetes). Parental /teachers' carelessness leads to indiscipline and bad habits in children (does not consolidate the good habits). Managerial carelessness leads to corruption. Police carelessness leads to increase in crime. Conjugal carelessness leads to unwanted pregnancies.

Why are people  too lazy to be careful? Why is discipline too elusive to be incorporated in one's life?

Individual Habit : Carelessness.
National Effect : India is still struggling as a 'yet-to-be-developed' country, and has a long way to go.

8. Jealousy.
Heard of the 'Indian Crab Mentality'? How many people you know who secretly don't want you to succeed? How many will openly create barriers for you? How many will refuse to praise your accomplishments simply because they haven't done anything worthwhile themselves? How many will discourage you from following your dreams?

Individual Habit : Jealousy and Envy.
National Effect : Nullifying each others' efforts.

9. Copying others.
Want a new technology? Import it from USA/Germany/Japan. Want a hit movie? Copy the script of an English/American flick. Want a new dress? Copy what the celebrity wears. Want a new haircut? Copy what the cricketer sports. Want to sound cool? Copy the American accent. India copied the Valentine's Day, did the West copy our Holi/Diwali?

Want a stylish house? Have glass walls like the Westerners. (Europeans need glass walls to take advantage of the greenhouse effect, since they have a cold climate. Why copy that in a warm country like India? Then use the A.C. to cool your "greenhouse", and destroy the Ozone layer of the atmosphere. Yaar, nakal karne ke liye bhi akal chahiye hota hain. The traditional mud-house of rural India never uses glass. It remains cool in summer due to transpiration of the soil. For 5000 years, Indians never said that India is hot, until the British came and started cribbing!)

Four years in USA could not change my accent. I eat with my hand and taught my American research adviser to do the same.

Individual Habit : Lack of originality.
National Effect : No national self-esteem in an Indian. Research and Development sector suffers majorly.

10. Materialism.
"You bought an expensive car, I will get a more expensive car." I need to show I have equal or greater social status, wealth, prestige, etc.etc. than you. The BIG fat Indian wedding is nothing but a show-off of one's wealth.

The same amount of wheat fills the stomach when I eat a roti for Re.0.50/- and you eat at a 5-star restaurant for Rs.50/-. You did not get 100 times more nutrition by paying 100 times more, did you?

Individual Habit : Buying not for necessity but for show-off.
National Effect : Consumerism, natural exploitation, finally destroying the planet.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Good news! It takse only 21 days to break a bad habit and form a good one.


NAVAL ARCH said...

Ma'am i am trying to leave this bad habits u mentioned here.I am really helped by this article.I will continue reading your blog ma'am.

VK said...

Thanks and very nice article and precise to the point. Self-restraint and self-discipline only can change life for the better. High time Indians learn it, agree 100% it totally, and implementing it totally even though scoffed at by many for being determined to change.

mahendra said...

i m really impressed with this-Mahendra

Sanjoy said...

I'll have to disagree on a few points:

> Sex.

I think the real problem is that a lot of Indians don't use

> Smoking.

Agree. We as a society need to see this more seriously.

> Drinking, Cricket and Bollywood

All these things lower individual productivity; but it must also be
considered that most Indians live in a state of perpetual misery where
escapism is sometime the only way to survive. Having said that, I
think it is a shame that intelligent individuals too fall prey to such

> Jealousy.

India is land of limited resources. In a zero-sum game, some grapes
will always be sour. Jealousy is a symptom, not a disease.

I think a more pressing issue is regionalism -- Indians are divided
against themselves.

> Materialism

Materialism has positive effects too -- I look at it as an essential
way of "churning" the economy. It helps transfer money from the rich
to the poor.

When you buy a pair of Prada goggles, the poor guy who fit the piece
of transparent plastic to the piece of opaque plastic gets a share of
the thirteen thousand rupees you spent.

That materialism has a negative effect on the planet can be fixed (I
think) by making it fashionable to "go green" (this is actually
happening nowadays).


Fuck u

F. ZAHARAH said...

There is Another bad habit I would like to mention that is disrespecting one’s privacy regarding food. Be eat office, workplace or college it Is a MUST to share your food, Even you have ate half . The way they share their food Is absolutely disgusting. I live in Canada and here in my college there are lots of Indians and they do that here. It’s OK to share your food once but every time I have to share my food and you have to put your hand on my food it’s not right. I brought a Small container of vegetables and a cup of coffee which I already drink and one of my Indian friend was asking me to give my half of the coffee to her which I already drink can you imagine? And then when I started to eat my vegetable all my friends like eight friends were putting their hands on the Small container of vegetableAs if they were hungry for 10 days or as if you can see they never saw a vegetable in their life it was very disgusting I find it very uncomfortable to eat anything I want. I always have to share with them and if I bring food from my home and they always put their dirty hands on my food or ask me give me half give me this it’s totally annoying

F. ZAHARAH said...
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F. ZAHARAH said...

In short, If one person brings food, Then 10 people will want to eat that I mean you have to share it with 10 people.Come on Indians please improve this bad habit it’s totally disgusting you don’t live in a village you’re not poor so you don’t have to act like poor Hungry beggar. Everybody has his or her own privacy and regarding food some people are very sensitive to sharing he’s her food special to me I can share one time 2 time or anybody can share one or two times but every time it’s If I have to share with you or if I bring something for me 10 people or 10 friends of 10 coworkers putting hands on it it’s totally disgusting asking to eat my food is totally disgusting you are not beggar