Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Health Indicators

1) Do you wake up early, without the alarm, fresh and rested? (Biological clock in tune to the sun)
2) Do you feel hungry in the A.M. hours? (Indicates good metabolism)
3) Does defecation take the same time as urination? And it happens every morning as a bio-ritual? (Strong digestive system)
4) Do you look forward to your workouts? Are you sweating at the end of the session? (Strong muscular system, efficient mitochondria)
5) Do you remain fresh after lunch and keep working at the same pace as in the morning?
6) Can you run for a mile and start a conversation immediately? (Good respiratory system)
7) Is your urine crystal clear? (Good excretory system, good hydration)
8) Are your blood pressure and pulse rate lower than your doctor's recommendation? (Good circulatory system)
9) Can you walk for 5 km in an hour? (Good endurance)
10) Can you perform 50 crunches, 20 lunges, and 20 squats continuously?
11) Can you do a shoulder-stand/hand-stand? (Good balance)
12) Can you do a thigh-split? (Good flexibility)
13) Do you feel angry less often than others? (Adrenal glands are relaxed)
14) Can you distinguish between all spices in the kitchen by smell? (Strong olfactory nerves)
15) Can you go without tea/coffee? (System is self-charged, without the aid of stimulants)
16) Do feel like drinking water every now and then? (Good homeostasis)
17) Do you smile more often than others? (Endorphins on the move)
18) Do you stand with your weight equally balanced between your two feet, sit without slouching? (Good posture)
19) Does your skin glow, without make-up? Do your hair and nails shine without artificial help, and regrow quickly (Good integumentary system)
20) Do you feel sleepy by 9:30 pm? Are you asleep by 10 pm? (Good recovery, repair and re-building mechanism)

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