Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Per Capita Equation and your gender.

Per-Capita income = Total Income (Gross Domestic Product) / Population.
One day = 24 hours = 10 hours at work + 14 hours in non-professional activity (recreational/ social/personal/familial).
Numerator :
You work for 10 hours a day, (every single day),  which contributes to the GDP, which is the numerator. You work neither as a man nor as a woman, but a professional. Your gender has nothing to do with it. You work, utilize your man-hours, create wealth, and add to the GDP. The more you work, the faster you accelerate the numerator.
Denominator :
Your other 14 hours may contribute to the population (once or twice in a lifetime), which is the denominator. This is only when your reproductive system is involved. Adding here would bring down the Per-capita income, and postpone what you dream of : a developed India.
Numerator by Denominator
In order to make India as developed country, we need to increase the per-capita income. The denominator is already increasing at a rate of 1.7% per annum. We need to accelerate the numerator as an even higher rate.
This means your 10 hours contribution as a professional per day, is much more important than your biological contribution in the other 14 hours.
Gender Bias
There is NO need to mention your gender in your curriculum vitae : your abilities no not depend on your gender. Gender-specific roles happen only in the denominator, to which you contribute only once or twice in 70-80 years. What about the numerator to which you contribute (at least supposed to contribute) every single day, 10 hours a day? Then why this gender-biasing in the society?
The type of the above system that you have should not be your identity, as far as GDP is concerned. You can contribute to it irrespective of it. If someone says, "What are you doing darling? You are a girl! Please!"; respond as "Tell me something I don't know".
You are not a male  : you only have a male reproductive system. Your are not a female : you only have female reproductive system. But it seems the society is biased on on this system only. Whole identities are defined by this. Your gender-identity is established as early as at 3-4 years of age. Then s/he goes to school and opens the grammar book in which chapter 7 is titled "Gender". S/he starts mugging : man/woman, boy/girl, king/queen, son/daughter, uncle/aunt, nephew/niece, etc.etc. 
But, what is the damn point?
No one recognizes you by your pancreas or your spleen. Some few get recognized by their hearts (Mother Teresa). Some due to their brains (Albert Einstein). Some by their muscles (Mohammad Ali). Some by their vocal chords (Lata Mangeshkar). Some by their face (Aishwarya Rai).
Whichever part you use, polish, improve, apply, AND use, to contribute to the GDP, it's your choice/aptitude/talent. If none, then you try to find solace by the family way (denominator increased). The reproductive system can , sadly, NEVER contribute to the numerator : so STOP obsessing about it.
Don't just get a job, make your career. People with jobs just earn enough to pay their bills and buy potatoes. Such people get a paycheck at the end of the month, marry, produce children, and die. People with careers refuse to do just what nature expects (read procreate). They think / innovate / work hard (16-18 hours per day) / set trends / set examples / inspire / win admiration.  They go down in history and beyond history.
Your reproductive system is not so damn important : you have more work to do than just rewind and replay the homo sapiens life-cycle to prevent extinction.
My students don't solve the differential equations with their reproductive system : so don't ask me how many girls are there in my class. I wouldn't care less!

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I feel you should give a resounding reply to the person in question in this blog, Please do Ma'am, I never thought my fellow IITians were this low.