Friday, February 3, 2012

The third reason why women cry.

When Draupadi was being stripped by Dushshashan and insulted by Duryodhan and Karn, in the court of Kauravs in Hastinapur royal palace, (at the end of the rigged dice-game in which her husband, the gambling-addicted Yudhisthir, lost everything), she was crying.  True. Why? She was crying in public. Was she weak?
Why do people cry? For two reasons : if they are very sad, or if they are very happy. Right? Partially. Women, additionally, can cry for a third reason. ANGER. Anger throbs the brain, pressurizing the tear glands to overflow. When angry, women have tears.  Anger-crying does NOT mean weakness.

Draupadi was angry. Was she weak? NO way! She was strong enough, to maintain and consolidate the resolve for revenge, obsessively for the 13 years of exile, inciting her five (Pandava) husbands, who were somewhat passive, into ruthless revenge.

Parvati cried when her son Ganesh was beheaded by Shiva. Then her anger converted her into the ultimate destructive Mother goddess (Bhawani), threatening to perish all the three worlds, in revenge.
Draupadi took revenge for her extreme insult after 13-and-a-half years, in the great Kurukshetra war. Only a very strong person can do that.  And, by the way, Draupadi did NOT commit suicide like Sita (at the end of the Ramayana story), because only weak people do that.

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