Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OENA weekend and holiday curriculum : 2012 onwards.

 This is for my students in the Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, IIT Kharagpur. Others, please skip this.
  • Read RINA/SNAME journals in the Library (no online reading) for 1-2 hours.
  • Read online maritime news-sites for 1-2 hours.
  • 1st year Winter : Learn Microsoft Office, AutoCad, Adobe, Photoshop, GNUplot. (3 days for each)
  • 1st year Summer : Learn C++, JAVA, MATLAB, Solidworks, Latex, Fortran. (2 weeks for each)
  • 2nd year Winter : First internal project in an area your choice. Learn Multisurf.
  • 2nd year Summer : 4-week internship in an Indian Shipyard (Make contacts). Second internal project in an area of your choice. Learn Literature review. Learn to make a report, a technical poster, and a presentation.
  • 3rd year Winter : 4-week external project at NSTL / NPOL / IRS / NIOT / IITM / CUSAT. (Make contacts)
  • 3rd year Summer : 8-week official internship (Make contacts). Learn ANSYS/ FLUENT/NAPA, depending on which one you require in your Graduation project.
  • 3rd year : Third internal project in an area of your choice. First Conference Paper (domestic). (Make contacts).
  • 4th year Autumn+Winter : Graduation Project + Second Conference Paper (domestic / international). (Make contacts).
  • 4th Year Spring+Summer : Graduation Project + First Journal Paper.
  • 5th year Autumn+Winter : Post-Graduation Project + Third Conference Paper (international). (Make contacts).
  • 5th Year Spring+Summer : Post-Graduation Project + Second Journal Paper.

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