Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Itna bada desh....yeh poora mera hain? Part 2

Please read this blog after reading the blog Itna bada desh....yeh poora mera hain? Part 1
Yes! This whole country is yours. Read again. Yes! This whole country is your responsibility. 
Only those people enjoy the country who act responsibly towards it.  Because, they deserve to.

Ask yourself : do I deserve to live in a huge country called India? There are many countries smaller than ours; there are tens of countries much smaller than our states; and there are some even smaller than our districts.
So ask :
What if I lived in a tiny country, without enough resources to sustain itself? (Latin America)
What if my country was land-locked? (Nepal, Mongolia, Switzerland, etc.)
What if the land was not that fertile and arable?
What if the mineral wealth was not there? (Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Turkey)
What if it did not receive enough rainfall? (All Saharan countries, Argentina, Western USA, Middle East, Australia)
What if I didn't have so many rivers to hydrate it? (Iran, Australia, Saudi Arabia)
What if I was covered with snow for half the year? (Canada, Russia, Northern Europe)
What if I did not have enough manpower and talent pool? (Russia, whose population halves every 35 years)
What if I did not have millenia of wisdom strengthening its framework and cultural fabric? (USA)
What if the government was autocratic and even monitored what I spoke and wore? (China)
What if it was a island nation, susceptible to cyclones and tsunamis? (Phillipines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, West Indies)
STOP taking your country for granted! Desh ko sasta samajhna band karo. Understand certain things :
1) Did any Taliban come to your house to rape your mother? NO. Why? Because, they cannot! : for the simple reason that the Indian armed forces are guarding the borders 24/7/365, protecting this country. Nothing emotional about it : it is their professional duty.
Understand : You are being protected in this country.
2) This country is generating food which you are consuming. It is satisfying your basic need of eating. India receives enough rainfall, and the plains have an efficient canal-irrigation system, which has been sustaining the Green revolution for the last 5 decades, and is continuing to produce surplus foodgrains (even with the ballooning population).
Understand : You are being fed by this country.
3) You have the freedom of speech and expression.You can contact your local MP, MLA, MLC. You can write in dailies and periodicals.You can hold rallies and voice your stand. You can form unions, associations, NGOs. You can do enough government-bashing and dharnaa. 
Understand : You are being  heard in this country.
4) You can decide what you want to do with your life. You can live anywhere, study anywhere, work anywhere, set up your business anywhere, and run for elections anywhere. This is an absolutely free country.
Understand : You are being given all the liberty in this country.
5) There are no impositions on you.You can choose your religion, or not have a religion at all. You have the right to move freely and settle anywhere in this country. You can wear any type of clothing , eat any type of food, celebrate any festival, speak any language. You are not a refugee. No one tell you "Get lost from this country". You have your space, if you are ready to work hard for it. You can plant your foot anywhere on the Indian soil at any time, and no one can stop you. Even in the crime capital Delhi, you have the right to stand anywhere anytime (unearthly hours) : its your land. No one can stop you from earning an honest living (which 99.99% of us do). 
Understand : You have the freedom to be yourself in this country.
6) There is a difference between being a homo sapiens and a human being. Millenia of wisdom is being selectively seeped into you through the oral tradition of knowledge transfer. You get liberal education, that does not brain-wash you. Every stage in your academic life is a value-addition in you. The most highly educated people in India were once revered as Brahmins (I am not talking about the birth-caste, please!). Indians appear more intelligent and conscious than others in general. They often turn out to be smarter and more practical. This is no accident.
Understand : You are being educated by the country and converted into a human resource.
Therefore........STOP taking the country to be the goose which lays golden eggs.  And please stop killing it. Indians are not born : Indians are made. You have to use your brain to love this country. Iss mahobbat mein junoon hain, guroor hai. This love is subconsciously obsessive and proud. Itna bada desh  : yeh poora tumhara hain! This is a huge country : and this is yours!  You are its Master : the citizen of India. You decide its destiny. You run it. You maintain it. You grow it. You improve it. You beautify it. You consolidate it. You guard it. You set its standards, and push them further generation after generation. You live in its Geography (soil/rain/crops). You write its History(good/bad/ugly). You protect its Sovereignty (peace/war/calamity). Take up the charge. Decide today that YOU stand responsible. Never say "Arrey yaar, to main kya karoon?" when the nation is in a crisis.

For heaven's sake , stop saying "Iss desh ka kuchh nahin hoga". 
Want to know our problems? Watch this movie :Yeh Mera India

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GLAD said...

Can relate to it totally, Nabbo!

Patriotism at times brings tears to me eyes...as I remember the sacrifice of our Indian martyrs who gave away their lives, so that WE could live.

And, I have long ago taken a solemn pledge to do every bit that I can, to behave like a true Indian. Am indeed grateful and indebted to Mother India, for taking care of me, and of millions of us.

Jai Hind.