Saturday, December 15, 2012

2013 disciplined lifestyle : 13 steps

(1) Wake up at 6 am, when the clock needles form a 180-degree straight line. This will set your life straight. Do Pranaayaam to fuel yourself with oxygen. Charge all the Seven Chakras or endocrine  glands, which are the spark-plugs of your system.
(2) Brush your teeth for 2 min.
(3) Have a 45 min workout as the first thing in the morning.
(4) Bathe. Complete your daily Shuddhikaran. Purify yourself to face a new day.
(5) Have Breakfast. Fuel your system for the day.  Now the metabolism sets in, to convert you into an energetic human resource.
(6) Start working at 8 am punctually.
(7) Drink 4 litres of water. Keep drinking it at regular intervals. Don't wait for thirst before quenching it.

(8) Have lunch at 1 pm. Eat moderately. No stuffing, an NO RICE! Do not take more than 30 min for the total break. Resume work at 1:30 pm.
(9) Continue to work least till 6 pm. Focus on the slightly less demanding tasks in this half of the day.
(9) Finish your workday at 8 pm or earlier. You and your family deserve you now.  Return to your nest.
(10) Go for the workout or evening run, to flush out the toxins accumulated through the day. Make it for 30 min.

(11) Finish your family dinner by 9 pm for sure.
12) Follow your hobby.

13) Brush your teeth and go to bed. Sleep early, maximum by 11 pm.

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