Saturday, March 22, 2014

Problems of the Indian Psychology.

1) Extremely judgemental.
"If you don't think and behave like me, something is wrong with you". If one stands out, one is negatively labelled. 
2) Empty ego.
 "I will justify my wrong actions stubbornly, even when I know deep down I am wrong. This is a democracy and I can do whatever I want!"
3) "Chalta hain" attitude. "Arrey yaar yeh India hain, yahan sab chalta hain."
"Obeying rules is for donkeys, not for 'smart' people like me." 
Bending rules and finding loopholes are the norm. We take our own country for granted (read we take our own selves for granted). Rules are bent and broken everywhere : starting from our home to schools, offices, institutes, hospitals, organizations, industries, services, on the road.
Poor standards embarrass us, but we dull the hurt in cricket and movies.
Any thing of cheap quality is called "Desi" : Desi has become synonymous with poor quality goods and services. Doing anything sub-standard is met with the jibe "Arrey Desi-panaa mat kar".
India is infamous for its impunctuality.
4) Emotional and sentimental.
Desi-s are emotional about their family, esp. sons about their mothers. 
5) Too much of 'parent-ego'.
We Desi-s are too traditional and conservative. We do what our elders say. 
6) Change-resistant.
We need extreme willpower to get out of our comfort zones. Mehnat karne se darr lagta hain. 
We cannot take quantum leaps. We are OK with habitual familiarity.
7) Lack of ambition.
Thinking small is our habit. We are OK if we have just Roti Kapda Makaan. Kissi tarah se ek aur 24 hours guzar jaye. Laziness is just an offshoot of this : an ambitious person is usually a hard-worker.
8) Doing the bare minimum.
Mediocrity is a fashion. Anyone trying to excel is singled out and isolated. Desi-s will do the bare minimum, in the minimum possible time and then sit on their pelvis; watching TV, smoking, paan-chewing, chatting, doing nothing.
9) Desperate.(Symbolized by breaking speed barriers and rash overtaking.)
We are desperate for things. We are desperate for sex. We are desperate for appreciation. We are desperate for a few words of praise. We are desperate to save a couple of rupees. We are desperate for social validation. (Yena-Tena-Prakaarena we want our motive fulfilled). We are desperate to get pass marks. Our desperation makes us lose self-respect and social respect. 
10) Bhakti (hero-worship)
Being a fan has existed form time immemorial. Singing praises is the profession of many. Remember the bhajan-kirtans since the Vedic period?  
11) Mob attitude.
"Everyone believes in the caste-system, so I should too :( . It is better (safe) to behave like others.
12) Inferiority complex.
"Others are way better than me".  "We don't deserve good things." "Thik hain main adjust kar loonga."
We Desi-s do not have faith/trust/confidence (bharosa/vishwas) on ourselves. So we don't have high expectations from ourselves. Pehle se hi pata hota hain ki baazi koi aur maar le jayega. 
This is glaringly reflected in the Olympics. We always play like underdogs.
13) Blind faith in religion.
It will never understand logic. It will not question anything. The Indian mind can be very easily manipulated based on religion : it is the opium for this Indian mass.
14) Poverty.
Yes, you read it right. Poverty is an attitude, a psychological problem. 
We don't want to improve things : we are OK with things as they are. 
15) Bad manners.
We are damn rude. We do not talk politely with strangers. We do not request nor thank others. Men scratch in public. Women too.
16) Jealousy.
Indian Crab Mentality. This ICM kills talent, throttles ambition, discourages dreams. 
17)  Hypocrisy.
We don't talk about sex, but explode the population clock!
We follow double standards in everything. 
My ex-boyfriend said, "I want my wife to change her surname, but I would like my sister to retain her maiden surname". 
18) Disrespect of women (by both the genders).
Men do not consider men to be their equal. Women are hypnotized since childhood to think males as superiors. 
19) Lack of professionalism. 
We don't aim at perfection. We are OK with things done "just like that". 
20) Corruption
It comes from laziness + desperation + hoarding mentality + lack of self-respect (inferiority complex)
"I am too lazy to work hard and earn money in the right way and hence I will take the shortcut"

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Amrita said...

Nabboo!!! Absolutely agree. I can relate to this too finely as I am currently facing a huge crisis on the same lines coz of this typical mentality. Great observation buddy! Keep it rolling..