Saturday, March 22, 2014

What's wrong with the Great Indian family system?

Several things.
1) Monotonous. Runs at its own inertia. Conservative (change-resistant) : change takes too long to come, since it takes time to convince the whole family.  No scope for individuality to bloom. It prospers on collective opinion.

2) Time-consuming chatting, mostly unproductive."Too many cooks spoil the sabzi". Too much advice from too many directions pours in, even unsolicited. Too much gossip. Too many festivities and celebrations.Too much noise. Too many disturbances. Too many parties.Too many nose-pokers : too will waste time answering question after questions. Too many opinions : you will end up confused.

3) No scope for solitude. No privacy. To much pressure. No personal space. No time for personal reflection. Others will intrude in your life. There will be nothing called freedom.

4) Unequal contribution of labor/wealth. Disciplined members need to tolerate the callous ones. Careful members need to handle the careless ones. Responsible members will have to pick up after the lazy ones. This leads to Quarrels : there are no dearth of topics for one.

5)  Constant comparisons among peers. Hampers self-reliance, esp. among children.

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