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Another Awesome year 2015 (report) : travel and experiments

  • Underwater Prerna rudder free vibration in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Courtsey : Prof. Amiya K. Mohanty, Lab-in-charge. Project Investigator : Mr. Ameya Kannamwar, Co-investigator : Mr. Rahul Jindal, Impact-generator : Mr. Yogesh Verma; Photographer + data recorder (referee) :  Mr. Prateek Sinha.
  • Paper accepted at "Free dry and wet vibration of 2-way tapered hollow marine rudder with non-classical pivot : theoretical study", based on Mr. Rahul Jindal's Autumn 2014 BTP (B.Tech Project) work.
  • Paper accepted at 22nd International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV22), Florence, Italy, 12-16 July 2015 : N. Datta and R. Jindal, “Wake-induced flutter of 2-way tapered hollow stiffened marine spade rudder in non-uniform propeller slipstream”, 22nd International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV22), Florence, Italy, from 12 to 16 July 2015; based on Mr. Rahul Jindal's Spring 2015 BTP work.
  • In IIT-JEE 2001, I made a terrible mistake in Problem # 13 (volume flux, involving differential equations and trigonometric integration, in the Mathematics paper (Main examination). This 10-marks problem slid my All India Rank by, say, 300-350.Today, after 14 years, I extracted that paper; and without any preparation, re-solved that problem correctly in 10 min. (Verified with FIITJEE solutions). Another neuron of self-confidence added!
  • Second trip to Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers.
  • Purchase of 8-channel FFT analyzer : free vibration study of Circular Aluminum plate by the AVRG Experimentalist Mr. Ameya N Kannamwar.
  • Stiffened model of rudder, with stock, fabricated and named Asha.
  • Mr. Rahul Jindal presents his paper titled "Free dry and wet vibration of 2-way tapered hollow marine rudder with non-classical pivot : theoretical study", at OMAE2015, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Link to his talk :
  • Europe trip for Pita-Mata : London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin.
  • Europe trip for Pita-Mata : Prague, Vienna, Switzerland, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome.
  • First self-research-based journal paper titled "Free transverse vibration of ocean tower", by Mr Ankit accepted in the journal titled 'Ocean Engineering'.
  • New member in AVRG : Mr Ashish Shukla, for his BTP 2015-16 : Transient loading response analysis of elastically supported circular Kirchhoff's plates.
  • New member in AVRG : Mr L.S. Lingesh, for his MTP 2015-16 : Energy extraction through vortex-induced vibration : theoretical and experimental analysis.
  • Mr. Ameya N Kannamwar wins the Elmer L Hann Award for the paper presented at the SNAME maritime Convention, Houston, USA, October 2014, titled : N. Datta and A.N. Kannamwar, "Free vibration of marine rudder: theoretical and numerical analysis with experimental verification".
  • Mr. Yogesh Verma (2nd year PhD) completes the finite Element analysis of Mindlin's plates with five boundary conditions : CCCC, CCCF, CFCF, CCFF, CFFF : Generates natural frequencies (comaprable with literature)  and modeshapes (beyond literature).
  • b) Indian Register of Shipping, Mumbai, c) Cybermarine, Navi Mumbai.

  • Broke free from a stupid, brainless, yucky, patriarchal society, stinking of 19th century traditions. 
  • Opening of the Vibration Laboratory Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, IIT Kharagpur; after 8 years of lying defunct. 
  • Dry plate vibration experiment done by Mr. Yogesh Verma (2nd year PhD) for five boundary conditions : CCCC, CCCF, CFCF, CCFF, CFFF. (C = Clamped edge, F = Free edge).
  • Tank fabricated for the wet vibration experiment of the plate with dimensions 4' x 4' x 2.5', strengthened in the Department Workshop, with mild steel (MS) angles lying junk in the Ship Hydrodynamics Tank premises.
  • VIV experiment planned in the Circulation Channel, Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, IIT Kharagpur; by Mr. L.S. Lingesh (2nd year M.Tech).
  • VIV model-making begins in the Workshop, with pipes/bars/angles lying junk in the Circulation Channel store. She is names 'Spandana'.
  • Circulation Channel Velocitimetry experiment done by Mr. L.S. Lingesh, guided by Mr. Sharat and Mr. Subhasis (MS students).
  • Experiment : Wet Vibration impact hammer test of CFFF plate performed by Mr. Yogesh Verma, assisted by three 3rd year B.Tech students.
  • Experiment  : Vibration of plate with non-classical end fixity.
  • SPANDANA warm-up : insights into achieving resonant VIV found.
  • CWISS (Central Workshop and Instruments Service Section) and Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur contacts established and supports assured.
  • I found my soulmate this Christmas : mujhe mera Jeevan-Saathi mil gaya.
  • Second self-research-based journal paper by Mr Ankit, assisted by Mr. Ameya N. Kannamwar, accepted in the journal titled 'Ocean Engineering', titled: Free transverse vibration of mono-piled ocean tower.

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Hydroelastic interaction of slamming-induced vibration cracked.

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