Saturday, February 20, 2010

National Symbols of India and their Symbolism.

What do your national symbols symbolize in us? Check out this list.
Rashtriya Dwaj (National Flag) : Tiranga (Tri-colour)
Kesariya (Saffron) : Patriotism.
Shwet (White) : Peace.    Chakraa (Wheel) : Progress.
Harit (Green) : Prosperity.
Keep the flag flying high, my compatriots!

Love your country, live in peace, make continuous progress, and bring prosperity to yourself and others.

Quoting Scientist-patriot Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, "I will do it. We will do it. India will do it."
Rashtriya Prateek (National Emblem) : Sarnath Lion

Four Lions (Simha) : courage, confidence, power (in you).
Lion (North) : Be a lion in the fight of life : strong and courageous.
Elephant (East) : Have elephant-sized achievements.
Horse (South) : Be strong and swift as the horse in your progress.
Bull (West) : Charge like a bull towards your enemy.
Dharma Chakra : Decrease its inertia and increase is momentum.
Motto : Satyam Eva Jayate (Only the truth triumphs)
Keep going on the path of righteousness, and you will finally triumph. Good always beats the evil in the long run. The ultimate victory comes to the virtuous.
National Anthem : Jana Gana Mana
Written by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)
"Between Himaalaya and Hind Maha Saagar (Indian Ocean), this land is called Bhaarat, and its people are its destiny."
National Song : Vande Mataram
Written by District Magistrate Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya (1838-1894)
"I salute you, my motherland."
Rashtriya Pakshi (National Bird) : Mor (Peacock)

Have beauty, grace, self-esteem. Do not wait for anyone to assure you of your qualities. Be self-confident of your abilities, and happy in your own self.  Also, be a bit mysterious and unpredictable, and no one can take you for granted.
Shake yourself out of the British-imposed low national self-esteem, and break out of your imagined limitations and defeatist mentality. Hold yourself high in the community of nations. You do not need USA's certificate to become a developed country or a powerful nation.

Rashtriya Pashu (National Animal) : Baagh (Tiger)

Be strong, quick and powerful. Assert yourself. Others should be a bit scared of you. Be fiercely passionate about achieving your aim. Be ambitious, and have a strong will-power. Be courageous, vivacious and dynamic. Do not make compromises. Be royal in holding yourself. Persevere in your efforts and have tenacity. Consider yourself deserving : no one can snatch your rights from you.
Physically, be fit, strong, healthy, flexible, agile, fast.
Don't procrastinate.....Go for the kill!!!
Awaken the tiger in you! India can no longer afford to be a 'sleeping' tiger. It is time to be fierce and gnarl!
All external/internal enemies of India : GGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Rashtriya Jalachar (National Aquatic Animal) : Makar (Gangetic Dolphin)

The Vaahan (carrier/mount) of Goddess Ganga. It is found in river Ganga.

Rashtriya Pushpa (National Flower) : Kamal (Lotus)

Be divine, fertile, wealthy, knowledgeable and enlightened. Even if you are born in Keechad (marsh/ hard circumstances), rise high and bloom above it in full glory. Surrounded by impurities, be pure yourself. Surrounded by ugliness, be beautiful yourself. Be in water, but be dry yourself.
India will always extend a hand of friendship to even her worst enemies. India will never offensively attack any country, because she does not need to. She has withstood all contamination and emerged pristine.
The greatest strength of India lies in its spirituality, over and above physical existence and materialism. Aatma (soul) is supreme, so the mann (mind) and tann (body) needs to be connected with it.

Rashtriya Phal (National Fruit) : Aam (Mango)

Be sweet, but with a strong core. Be soft to taste, but hard to crack. Be resourceful, believe in plenty, overflow with produce, be dense in substance. Every slice of you should be full of richness. Knowing you should a sweet experience, and others should be thirsting to know you more and more.
Maintain your self-reliance in agricultural and industrial production, polish your human resources, create a strong infrastructure (core of development), overflow with goodness and riches.
Anyone who learns about India, can't help but love it. It is overflowing with goodness, richness, substance, resources and love. One lifetime is not enough to know India fully. The density of Indian-ness is extremely high, so 'who is an Indian' is difficult to define.


Rashtriya Vruksh (National Tree) : Vat/ Bargad (Banyan)

Be strong and sturdy, spread your branches as far as possible, rise as high as possible. Do not break in the strongest gale or the most devastating storm. Be rock-steady and keep growing. Rise above the others and immortalize your deeds.
5000 years of cultural attacks have not shaken this phenomenon called Bhaaratvarsha. Rather it has spread its branches of culture, spirituality and love to the whole of Asia. Indosphere extends way beyond the geo-political boundaries of the nation. 
Bring back the Golden Age with greater lustre. Become Jagadguru (teacher of the world) once again!

Rashtriya Krida (National Sport) : Hockey

Involve your heart, mind and soul. Let every bone leverage you; and every muscle seep energy into your endeavours. Play as a team, help each other, visualize a common goal, and work at it together. Combine all efforts together to achieve a big victory.
Unite and work towards common goal : a developed India. Ignore all dividing barriers : region, religion, caste, language, culture, race. The combined efforts of 115 crore people can easily bring prosperity in 3-5 years.
Chak De! India : 16 hockey players cross language and regional barriers to achieve a common goal : to become the best team in the world.

Rashtriya Nadi (National River) : Ganga

Father : Himalaya (A snow-fed river is born of the snow and maintained by it). In Indian philosophy, the source of anything is called his/her Father; and her/his nurturer and developer is called the Mother.
Be the Amrit (ambrosia) of life. Your touch should give a new life to others. Your presence must rejuvenate others. Your consistency and dependability should make your admirable. Do not stagnate : you will rot. Keep flowing, keep going, progress steadily, breathe life into even the dead rocks and shape them smooth. Bring fertility wherever you go. Be nurturing to those who surround you.
The alluvial Indo-Gangetic plain, if efficiently cultivated, can produce enough food-grains to feed the whole world ! Now you understand, why Ganga is worshipped as Devi Ganga, Maa Ganga, HimalayaPutri Ganga?

Rashtriya Panchaanga (National Calendar) : Saka
Superior Indian Astronomy and Mathematics
Which country/culture has six (!) seasons in a year?
12 Raashee (Zodiacs) : Mesh (Aries), Brisha (Tauras), Mithun (Gemini), Karkat (Cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra), Vrishchik (Scorpio), Dhanu (Sagittarius), Makar (Capricorn), Kumbha (Aquarius), Meen (Pisces).
The ecliptic of 360 degrees is equally divided into 12 Raashees-s of 30 degree span each.
27 Nakshatra (Constellations) :  the ecliptic of 360 degreees is divided equally into 27 Nakshatra-s of 13.33 degrees span each.
12 Months, starting from Summer and ending with Spring. The full moon of the month occurs in the corresponding Nakshatra (written in brackets below), hence the name of the month. The sun is lies in the diametrically opposite Raashee in the meantime.
Grishma (Summer) : Baisaakh (Vishakha), Jeshthh (Jeshthha)
Varshaa (Monsoon) : Aasaad (Purva-Assada), Shraavan (Shravana)
Sharad (Autumn) : Bhaadra (Uttar-Bhadrapada), Aashwin (Ashwini)
Hemant (Cool Season) : Kartik (Kritthika), Aghrahaayan (Mrugashira)
Sheet (Winter) : Poush (Pushya), Maagh (Maghaa)
Vasant (Spring) : Faalgun (Uttar-Falguni), Chaitra (Chitra)

Again, as usual, I am talking to myself and re-internalizing my thoughts, after sharing them with you.


Tani said...

very nice...yesterday I was explaining importance of National Anthem to a south indian who doesn't know would be good if i had read this a day before..

Sougata said...

Great Insight and clarity and Simplicity......

suraj_shaw said...

there's a part of me that questions the very idea of 'patriotism'..
One thing I believe is most of 'our' people cease to have this feeling once they go abroad and settle there..
Unfortunately , I dont get reason logical enough to counter them and hence when they cite their examples publicly I keep quiet and the very idea "is there anything like 'my country' ? " has grown to epidemic proportions..
while I am all praise for the very presentation and the simple way the thought has been put forward , I am still not sure about the very idea of 'patriotism' (if it exists now a days)..

Nirvik said...

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that a recent RTI query revealed that Hockey is not the national game of India, in fact India has no national game.