Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chak De! India : My favourite movie.

What does it say......

1) India can be sports champions : they need not be dark horses or underdogs.
2) Regionalism can be overcome : you will have to think big and have big dreams.
3) Women can play sports, too. This requires physical strength, agility, stamina; and women have it. No more "damsels-in-distress" act allowed, puh-lease!
4) Discipline is the religion to achieve success.
5) Social 'conventions' need to overcome to achieve something big.
6) Society may misunderstand you for sometime, but will idolize you once you achieve your objective. All biased opinions can be reversed if you have the grit, and patience.
7) Pre-conceived notions can be shattered with will and determination. Seize this day!
8) With great success comes great responsibility. Maintaining success is the next challenge. Consistency is the name of the game.
9) You need to be prepared all the time. A little bit or nervousness keeps you alert. (Dil mein bechaini-yon ko le kar jee rahe ho to zinda ho)
10) Get rid of this attitude : "I-will-give-it-a-try-but-I-don't-think-it-will-work". It is important to deliver what you promise. Take the strategy : under-promise, over-deliver.
11) Ambition can unite people. And it is important to be sufficiently ambitious.
12) Women can unite if boyfriends/husbands/fathers do not come into the picture. It is a wrong notion that "Women are women's worst enemy". (We women make the mistake of not loving ourselves before loving others.)
13) You can support/help others only when you are yourself self-reliant and independent.
14) Do not expect any sympathies/special treatment because you belong to a certain, caste, religion, region, social standing.
15) Emotions should not interfere in your pursuit of success : your ambition should be your emotion.
16) Sometimes coercion works much better than a negotiation : you will have to force things to happen.
17) Stick-to-it-vity : Focus on your aim, and do not dissipate your energies in other things.
18) Women need not wear make-up on-screen : the audience has to get used to seeing the real women, who are neither sari-clad nor bikini-clad.
19) Women can do many things beyond marriage and motherhood; at an international platform.
20) If a man(father/husband) does not support your dreams, he does NOT love you.

Bonus : Bollywood has thankfully outgrown the sappy love stories of the '90s. No one is cast "opposite" anyone in this movie.

"Nowhere to run nowhere to hide. This is the time to Do or Die."

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