Thursday, January 26, 2012

Undoing the IIT-ian in me.

Is it an illusion to be an IIT-ian? Over the 5 years, 2001-06, I had some bad habits creeping into me, and I was OK with it since it was the IIT culture. The IIT environment spoils its students, but now I have undone it. Here is how :-
1) I stopped waking up to my laptop : watching the sunrise is far more fulfilling. Checking the email can wait.
2) I stopped online networking for non-professional reasons : chatting for hours and hours yields what?
3) I stopped oversleeping on weekends : it is sick to stick to the bed.
4) I stopped eating out : I cook at home.
5) I stopped watching videos.
6) I stopped using headphones while at work : I no longer need to "be in a different zone", to be productive.
7) I stopped copy-pasting : being ORIGINAL = being SMART.
8) I stopped procrastinating.
9) I stopped lazing.
10) I stopped having a superiority complex : the IIT-JEE in not the ultimate test.
11) I stopped sitting mechanically before the computer : reading books is greattt.
12) I stopped postponing taking a bath during the day : a fresh day needs a fresh me.
13) I stopped skipping my workout.
14) I stopped forgetting what I learnt.
15) I stopped taking notes mechanically : no more being despo about the syllabus.
16) I stopped avoiding deadlines : no more asking for extensions for assignments.
17) I stopped thinking like a businessperson while studying : no more asking "Will it come in the exam?"
18) I stopped allowing the Internet to dominate my life : no more over-surfing.
19) I stopped Googling (at the spur of the moment) for every damn thing. I need not be sinking in information.
20) I stopped having an opinion about everything : it's Okay to not know everything and have the courage to say "I don't know".
I can find my Second Innings in IIT (2011-present) is way different from the first (2001-06).

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