Monday, March 12, 2012

When you qualified in IIT-JEE... made a statement to this society.

What did you want to say? You wanted to announce the following :
1) I am ambitious. I can dream big. I want to rise above mediocrity and build an above-average life for myself.
2) Trust me, I will deliver what I promise. You can count on me. I will follow through. I am worth investing money and resources in. There is promise in me. You can have high expectations from me.
3) I can take up challenges. I can handle stress. I can take pressure, and still perform well.
4) I am ready to shoulder bigger responsibilities in future.
5) JEE was only a trailer, the whole movie of excellence will last my lifetime. I will be consistent.
6) This is my threshold of excellence. I will scale greater heights from RIGHT now. And I will not let me standards plummet. I will not put up with anything average, so-so and ok-ok.
7) I can set an example or drisHTAnt. "Jeena hain to, Jag mein jeeyo, ban ke misaal sab ke liye".
8) I can make sacrifices. I don't get lured by temptations. I can focus on my work.
9) I can take decisions, and steadfastly stick to it. I will not give up mid-way. I will see the end.
10) I am result-oriented.  I am not a talker, but a doer. I don't think of "trying" : I think of succeeding.

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