Wednesday, April 4, 2018

2018 Report : Bangalore Sojourn

January 2018
Manuscript accepted for publication in Engineering Transactions (1952) journal :
Y.Verma and N.Datta, "Application of translational edge restraint for vibration analysis of free edge Kirchhoff’s plate including rigid-body modes".
My first PhD student Mr. Yogesh Verma presented his PhD Synopsis seminar (pre-defense seminar),getting a good response from the DSC (Dissertation Scrutiny Committee)
Manuscript accepted for publication in Springer journal titled Marine Systems and Ocean TechnologyDatta, N., Jindal, R., “Forced wet flexural dynamics of spade rudder in propeller slipstream : semi-analytical approach of pivoted FFFF plate”.
After 7 years, 14 journal papers, 15 conference papers, 13 semesters of classroom+lab teaching for 8 hours per week, one laboratory, one doctoral student, three Master's students, three Dual Degree students, and three B.Tech students later; I took a break from academia. 
Packed my stuff and left Kharagpur in the first weekend. It was the first unpaired journey after 6.5 years.
(Closing a chapter)

       (The end of an era)
Traveled to Bengaluru. Moved to Whitefield, Bengaluru. Joined GE Global Research (John F. Welch Technology Centre), Whitefield, Bangalore as Independent Consulting Scientist.

February 2018
Settled down in my new house, a cute 2 BHK in a nice housing society's 9th floor. 
Employed service/supply people. Started the kitchen. Got a new refrigerator and washing machine. Replaced the battery of my car Neelam (Maruti Alto 800). 
Started getting used to city life and corporate life.
Met up with pen-friend Ankita Choudhury after 15 years.
Manuscript accepted for publication in Polish Journal Engineering Transactions (1952), titled : 
Y.Verma and N.Datta, "EigenVector-based modeshape analysis and natural frequency classification of Mindlin’s plates using dynamic Timoshenko trial functions : non-classical edge conditions and aspect ratio study".

March 2018
Felt that the world is not a school but a market. Knowledge is important, but skill is more important. We have to grab opportunities. One has to understand what sells and align oneself to that, given one has the talent and interest in that. Academic is idealistic where principles matter. The world is realistic, where perceptions matter. 
Caught up with Chaddi buddy Amrita Mitra after 22 years; first at her home, and then at my home. We were in school together during 1987-1997, and in the same class during 1990-92 (Class 2-3). 
Fertility check at Morpheus Fertility Clinic, Indiranagar, with Dr. Haritha Rao. I got her contact from my BIL, since he and her husband were batch-mates in AFMC. My AFC and AMH numbers are doing good. Planned egg-freezing by the end of the calendar year.

April 2018
Manuscript submitted to Springer Journal of Marine Systems and Ocean Technology, N.Datta and Mohd. Atif Siddiqui, "Impact-induced flexural response of axially loaded uniform Timoshenko beams with non-classical ends". 
Met me second cousin Piyali Basak and her mother at her home. 
Caught up with college friend Nimesh Priyodit after 7 years.
Manuscript submitted to Springer Journal of Marine Systems and Ocean Technology, Datta, N., Thekinen, J.D., “Response spectrum of non-uniform mathematical hull girder springing to deep water random seas using Rayleigh-Ritz method”.
Started doing causal water color painting after 6 years for de-stressing. Since my drawing is bad, the line-drawings were downloaded from the net, and I only did the painting.
Restarted swimming, after 8 years. Re-fell in love with the water. The reflexes came back within a few days.
Gave up morning tea after 7.5 years. Drastically reduced caffeine consumption. Started having more fruits (orange, banana, mango), peanuts, milk; and vegetables (carrot, radish, beet, bean, barbati, cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, corn). Reduced starch consumption. 

May 2018
Manuscript accepted for publication in Journal of Marine Science and Application, Springer 
Ankit and N.Datta, "Free vibration of a partially wet tapered Timoshenko beam with intermittent mass and stiffness variations, eccentric tip mass, and non-classical foundation".
Got a nice 4-seater dining table of rubber wood.
Restarted running after 6.5 years. Re-started my morning Yoga of 60 min (Including Pranayam and Surya Namaskars), 4-5 times a week. Started power-walking 5 km 3 times a week.
Appointed as the gym-maintenance in-charge of my housing society.
Ending of my non-astrological Sade-Sati (7.5 years of excruciating difficult phase of life) : more about it in another  blog.
PhD Registration Seminar by my 2nd PhD scholar Mr. Rajendra Kr. Praharaj.
Meeting Aparna Vedapuri Singh, founder and CEO,
Made dinner optional, with only a glass of milk or soup+salad as a token dinner.
Submitted revised manuscript to Elsevier Journal titled Applied Ocean Research: N.Datta and J.D.Thekinen, "Rayleigh-Ritz method-based analysis of dry coupled horizontal-torsional-warping vibration of mathematical open-section containership hulls". 

June 2018
This is the difference between Feb 02, 2018 and June 04, 2018. I lost ~5 kgs in four months. This is the change that happens when you start living the way you want (apne marzi se jeena). When stress reduces, it reduces the cortisol hormone in the bloodstream, which in turn increases leptin sensitivity (which give satiety signal upon eating adequately), regulates sleep patterns, revs up metabolism. 
Wonderful vacation with my partner in and around Bangalore. Visited Bannerghatta National park, Cubbon park, Tipu Sultan Summer palace, Bangalore Fort. Dined at the Dilleto (Bannerghatta National park), BBQ Nation (ITPL), Rice Bowl and CCD Sqaure (MG Road).

July 2018
Writing my first research grant proposal at GE GRC.
Meeting high school friend Kamalika Nandy after 20 years. We studied in the same class from 1993-1998.
Got back in touch with University of Michigan batch-mate Shaujo Biswas.
First foray into product development from scratch.
Submitted revised manuscript to Springer Journal titled Marine Systems and Ocean Technology, N.Datta and Mohd. Atif Siddiqui, "Impact-induced flexural response of axially loaded uniform Timoshenko beams with non-classical ends". 
Home makeover : bought new bed linen, pillows with protectors, bedside table, ironing table, suitcase, wallet, belt, earrings (10 pairs), dresses, shoes, plates, saucers, sauce-pan, cutlery, kitchen ware, gas-burner-stove, gym gloves. Dumped away all old stuff at Re-store, Whitefield. One suitcase of old clothes and one cartoon of old bed linen were given away to the NGO.

Learning ANSYS 18.0 (Workbench) : Useful tutorials in Simcafe served as the guideline. After 13 years, I learnt a computational too again :D .

Worked in FLUENT (now ANSYS-FLUENT) after 13 years. I had done my M.Tech project in propeller hydrodynamic performance analysis in FLUENT during 2005-06.
Revamped my CV and portfolio.
Manucript submitted to Elsevier journal titled Applied Ocean Research:  N.Datta and R.Jindal, "Modelling a spade rudder as a hollow two-way tapered Kirchhoff’s plate : free dry and wet vibration study with numerical verification". 
Manuscript submitted to Elsevier journal titled International Journal of Mechanical Sciences : N.Datta, A.N. Kannamwar, Y.Verma. A.Panda, "Free wet vibration of low-aspect-ratio cantilever lifting surface: semi-analytical and numerical approach with experimental verification".

August 2018
The race begins all over again after 10 months : I am back in the job market. Networking everyday. Touching base with Shell, Boeing, Cummins; getting introduced to GE Renewable Energy, GE Aviation, Airbus, General Motors, Siemens Gamesa, Honeywell.
Got back in touch with college junior Dr. Ajeet Kumar. Assoc. Prof. IIT Delhi. Dept of Applied Mechanics, after 6 years. 
Learning Python and basic machine learning.
Manuscript accepted for publication in Journal Marine Systems and Ocean Technology (Springer) :
N.Datta and Mohd. Atif Siddiqui, "Impact-induced flexural response of axially loaded uniform Timoshenko beams with non-classical ends : a sensitivity study of the dynamic load factor".
Visit to Shell Technology Centre, Bangalore. Meeting Lourens Post, Subhrajit Dey.

September 2018
Networking like crazy. Catching up with school friend Nidhi Yadav at her place in Electronic City, after 18 years! It was wonderful to met her father, too. School re-union : Aruna, Nidhi, Shruti, Ramya; at Chuntney Chang for lunch.
This month was a time of crises : both personal and professional. Life's dreams were crashing, plans were flopping, projects were failing. Mother had a biopsy for a breast lump, my paternal aunt's husband passed away, Father was keeping unwell. Stopped working out :(
I was exhausted and fatigued : needed medical help.
Got a new tenant for my parents' house in Kolkata.
Changed life's plan : going back to academia. Now I have a new target : writing sponsored project proposals. I my research expertise and experience must be used in solving real industry problems. From a professor, I am moving into becoming a consultant.
Restarted meditation at Brahma-Kumari Rajyoga Meditation centre. Met Sister Vasantha, who guided me through it. Started finding internal calm and contentment. Began enjoying morning meditation music even more.
Parents arrive in Bangalore for a 4-week stay.

October 2018
Get-together with second cousin Piyali and her mother at home.

Catch-up with Raja, my childhood friend form Sindri after 16 years. Met his wife Ruma, too.

Visit to Coorg district for a 5-day vacation, with parents. Visited Namdroling Monastery (Golden Temple), Dubare Elephant camp on the Bank of Cauvery, Nisargadhama Reserve, Bhagamandala temple, Talakaveri (birthplace of River Cauvery), Abbey Falls, Madikeri Fort and Museum, Raja's Tomb, Raj's Seat park, coffee plantations. Also visited Sravanabelagola in the way.

Manuscript accepted for publication in Elsevier journal titled Applied Ocean Research (Impact factor 1.95):  N.Datta and R.Jindal, "Modelling a spade rudder as a hollow two-way tapered Kirchhoff’s plate : free dry and wet vibration study with numerical verification". 

November 2018

School reunion at Asia Kitchen (by Mainland China), Koramangala : Shruti, Aruna, Juhi, Suvashree.
Manuscript accepted for publication in Springer journal Marine Systems and Ocean Technology :
J.D.Thekinen and N.Datta, "Wave-induced flexural response of idealized non-uniform hull girder in random seas".
Catch-up with school friend Swagata Majumdar and Namit Kumar after 18 years.
Restarted working out for one hour per day. Started feeling energetic!
Meeting college friends Anu Mishra and Nilanjana Chakraborty after 13 an 12 years respectively.

Catching up with junior school friend Jaya Prasad after 20 years, along with Amrita Mitra.

Meeting companies for inputs to curriculum development at IIT : 
GE Aviation, General Motors, GE Renewables, Boeing, Airbus
Visit to Boeing India Pvt. Ltd. to meet Dr. Narendran Balan. Guest lecture titled "Theoretical vibration analysis of lifting surfaces".
Visit to Airbus, meeting Dr. Ardhendu Pathak.

December 2018
Visit to IISc Bangalore, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. Met college senior Dr. Aloke Kumar, Assistant professor, and Prof. Pradip Dutta, Head of the Department.
3rd anniversary vacation with my partner at Coorg. Visit to Mysore on the way back.

Packing up from Bangalore. It was a wonderful 11-months sojourn in this bustling city. Another unpaired journey : Back to IIT Kharagpur, refreshed and recharged to start a new chapter.
First research proposal writing and submission to Naval Research Board, titled "Mathematical tool development for propeller blade vibration and hydroelastic analysis."
Settled down in a beautiful 3-bedroom house in the IIT Campus. 
Final checking of PhD student Mr. Yogesh Verma's thesis.
Manuscript submitted to Elsevier journal titled Renewable Energy : N.Datta et al, "Capturing synchronized Vortex-induced Vibration of spring-mounted cylinder at mass ratio less than one, with numerical verification."
Finally, after ten years, I stopped holding my brain at ransom on academic publications/papers. The 10-year-era of paper-writing (2008-2018) finally came to an end. Now I am taking a quantum leap and starting a new struggle : sponsored research  projects. Looking forward to a great 2019.