Thursday, January 22, 2015

The most awesome year : 2014 (Report)

Why this year 2014 AD awesome for me......
Did I travel abroad in 2014?    NO!
Did I get a promotion in 2014?    NO!
Did I get a bigger house in 2014?    NO!
Did I get salary hike in 2014?     NO !
Did I get a new Laptop / Smartphone?    NO!

Then what made it awesome?
  • January 2014 : Rebelled against patriarchy and succeeded (no saari, no sindoor, no mangalsutra, no bidaai,  no jewelry, no house-changing, no surname-changing, no "adjusting" to "new" family, no dumping parents, no walking with head and eyes lowered, no intimidated body language, no following bahu-type orders, no Suraj Barjaatya heroine-type behavior).
  • March 2014 : Complete renovation of my office : Floor-tiling, false ceiling, new concealed electricals, modern lighting, accented distempering, the works.
  • April 2014 : new research plans (Torsion-warping of container ships, Helideck impact vibration, Rudder vibration, Vortex-induced vibration of marine risers). Created Facebook page of my research group.
  • May 2014 : For the first time, my research students won the Best B.Tech Project and Best M.Tech Project (Mr. Joseph Thekinen) awards in the Department of Ocean Engg. and Naval Architecture, IIT Kharagpur. There began an upswing in my life, inspiring me to improve each and every aspect of my life. 

  • June 2014 : I realized the true meaning of Article 21 of the Constitution of India. My new car Neelam (Maruti Alto 800) arrived. B.Tech student, Mr. Ankit, presented his work at the international conference OMAE2014, at San Francisco, California, USA. 
  • July 2014 : I started working with my first PhD student, and a new B.Tech student.
  • July-August 2014 : Residence makeover : Kitchen and washroom tiling and furnishing, new electrical wiring, distempering the interiors with my favorite sandalwood hue.
  • August 2014 : Laptop and Office desktop upgraded to Windows 8. 
  • September 2014 : New high speed workstation for my research team, with several specialized softwares. 
  • October 2014 : Walked out of a bullsh*t arranged marriage of 10 months. (More about it in another blog), with a 26 kg suitcase. Changed the equations of all my personal relationships. Snapped the last string of the umbilical chord.  Became extremely strong-spined. B.Tech student joined me for research, on vortex-induced vibration. M.Tech student, Mr. Ameya N. Kannamwar, presented his work at the international conference SNAME Maritime Convention, at Houston, Texas, USA.
  • November 2014 : New get-up of the drawing room. Got back in touch with my University of Michigan friend Shrutivandana Sharma after 3 years. Stopped acting before the society. Stopped lying to myself. Stopped feeling "guilty" and "apologetic".  Got my Driver's License after test. A student-colleague became the best friend in campus.
  • December 2014 : OMAE2015 paper co-authored with Mr. Rahul Jindal, on rudder vibration, submitted. All my students got placed in their first attempt. First road trip (116 km to Mandarmani).  

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