Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Decide it for yourself!


Situation #1 : You are done with school. Next, you are scratching your about joining a 'good' college.
Confused? Fickle-minded? Waiting for others to direct you?
Situation #2 : You are done with college. You are thinking to start your career (read 'what to do next'). Seeking 'help' in deciding a path?  Asking for advice? Listening to countless opinions? 
Situation #3 : You like a person, more than just a friend. You want to express your feelings. Scared? Giving second thoughts? Trying to play safe? Thinking what if you are rejected?   
Situation #4 : You want to settle in some other place in some other job. But you are worried about non-professional commitments. 
Situation #5 : You have reached a 'marriageable' age, and people around are asking about when the wedding bells are. 
Situation #6 : You want to take a holiday. But you have been postponing it since you are never able to plan it "perfectly".
Situation #7 : You know you should quit your bad habit (Smoking / drinking / not exercising / binge eating / oversleeping / overspending), but you will indulge for "one last time" before you quit.

  • You decide what you want to do with your life.
  • You decide what your career is going to be about.
  • You decide how your CV is going to look like.
  • You decide what type of life you want.
  • You decide how much you want to earn.
  • You decide how you want to spend your life.
  • You decide when you want to marry.
  • You decide whom you marry.
  • You decide who your friends should be.
  • You decide how your house will look like.
  • You decide how your surroundings will be. 
  • You decide whether you want to have children or not.
Do NOT let others influence your decision : it is your life. You will lead it exactly the way you want it. Decide what to do, and do it! ASAP! Don't hesitate. Do not wait for the elusive 'future'. Future never comes : only the Present comes to you. 
Be proud of your own decision. Stand by it. Take responsibility for it. Do NOT wait for others to 'approve' it. Be decisive. Decide it and decide it now! Do NOT delay. Do NOT postpone. Do NOT procrastinate. Once the decision is made, do NOT back-track. Stand by it. And then follow through. The outcome of your decisions should be out before/within your decided time-frame. Be the Master you of your life. Don't over-think. Don't over-analyze your decision. Simply go into the Action mode. Enough with planning : get down to the implementation. 
  • The refrigerator/washing machine/AC is lying around 'not working' for ages? Call the service personnel right now.
  • Wanting to renovate your house, but postponing it for ages? Move to your friends place / company guest house / parents' place / sibling's place and ask the contractor to start the renovation NOW! You want a better house right? So what are you waiting for?
  • Want to upgrade your operating system in your laptop, but delaying it (since it needs a lot of time, and you have 'important work' running on it? Halt! Come out of your comfort zone and upgrade it. You will get used to it very soon.
  • Wanting to organize your cupboard but procrastinating it? Simply pull out all things of it, and start arranging it. Purge things you have not used for a year : you anyways don't need them.
  • Planning to take a road trip but pushing back your back with excuses? Print out a map, fill the fuel tank, take your GPS, and start the car. 
  • Planning a new workout but delaying it? Pin it into your schedule spreadsheet, print it out, and paste in on the wall. You will get adjusted to your new schedule pretty soon.
  • Want to catch up with a friend over coffee but postponing it again and again? Cancel your evening appointment, and meet her. Work will anyways come back to you.
  • Want to upgrade your kitchenware, but leaving it tacky for months and months? Plan it now and set aside some money for it. Do some homework and plan your purchases.
  • Planning to end a relationship, but sticking to it out of habit/complacency/optionless-ness? Break-up RIGHT now, and get on with your life (read freedom and sanity).
  • Holding on to old trash indefinitely, thinking 'I will use it in future'. THROW them out right away!
  • Wanting to start an investment/savings plan; but delaying it till you save enough? That 'next month' is not going to come. Start this month instead. 
  • Want to learn a  new sport/skill/art; but never found the time for it? Set aside a time frame and do it. Enrol in the course, pay the fees, get the equipment, pencil it into your schedule, and stick to it. 
There is nothing like "One day, things will be fine", i.e. "Ek din sab kuchh thik ho jaayega". This "one day" is only in your mind, not in reality. That "Ek Din" cannot come, unless it starts right now. Talking in the future tense, is an extremely dangerous habit. Of course you can talk in that, but set a deadline. The Future is continuously transforming into the Present : live it before it freezes in as the Past. You have a  limited time on this planet : do not waste it over-planning and over-thinking. 
Update your life as often as needed. It is never too soon to hit the reset button. Stop stagnating in life. Do not let each day/week/month/year/decade be a 'rewind-and replay' routine of the previous. Life is for growth. Think bigger and better, at regular intervals. Take quantum leaps in life. Renew your life at least once in 5 years : each and every aspect of it.  No one else will live your life. Also, your life is not what others expect it to be. For example :
  • Society wants you to marry and settle down by 24. You want to marry at 30+. What should you do? Stick to your decision.
  • Your parents want you to work in your home town, and you have landed on a huge opportunity in another city. What should you do? Pack your bags. 
  • You have decided whom to marry, but your family has issues with the match. What should you so? Put your foot down.
  • You have your own style in clothes, yet your friends say you don't follow fashion. What should you do? Stick to your style. It defines your image.You are not someone else, but yourself; and unique.

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