Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lessons from Mahabharat : choose your own Kurukshetra.

In every era, the Right has to fight the contemporary Wrong. You have to get ready for your own Kurushetra of life. You can either win or lose the war, but cannot avoid it.


Characters (11)
Bhishm (Do not make impulsive promises, or you will end up in a bed of arrows)

Dhritarashtr (Do not be over-ambitious, esp. at the cost of others)

Gandhari (Do not blind-fold yourself, else you will later see things not worth seeing)

Kunti (Even if u go astray once, you can still lead a respectful and dignified life).

Vidur (Combine righteousness with cautiousness and wisdom)

Dronarcharya (Do not differentiate among your students)

Shakuni (Stay tuned to your core aim all your life)

Karna (Do not obligate yourself to someone else)

Draupadi  (Do not forgive : Take revenge)

Yudhisthir (Do not let your weakness be known : gambling)

Duryadhan (Do not be the product of others' thoughts : Dhritarashtr, Shakuni and Karna. Do not let jealousy blind you)

I would consider them to be a single character, instead of two separate beings. Its is their coupled efforts that steer the course of this immortal epic.
Know and decide what to do and what should be done.

Declare the War. No more escapism. 

Approach the problem. Face the challenge. 

Forge ahead ruthlessly in eliminating the problem.

Think yourself powerful. Never let self-doubt creep in. Advance confidently. 

As your enemies increase, increase your own power.

Fight till the end. Finish off the problem.


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